The beginnings

Our founder, Ebi F. Eilber (45), was already programming CNC machines at age 14. Two years later, he took over the development of a software simulator for wind turbines (including energy production forecasts and profitability calculations), and also helped develop sales software for a parcel service.

After studying computer sciences in Darmstadt with a focus on graphic data processing and telecommunications, in 1995 he went to San Francisco, where he spent four years working for Autodesk in San Rafael, where he contributed to the development of ISM (Image Support Module) and developed testing systems as a software architect for AutoCAD.


In 1997, Eilber introduced the Object Modeling Technique (OMT; a predecessor to UML) at Autodesk with the goal of facilitating software planning at other company divisions. A short while later, he was the technical director of the team that implemented the "mammoth" True Color project (16 million colors) in AutoCAD and its graphic engines "Whip" and "Heidi." He also headed development of the renderer.

Back in Germany, he settled in Freiburg in order to develop environmental software. From here, he expanded to simulations, graphics, DMS, CAFM, patent management, data mining, research, and more. Prior to founding Cadida Software, he worked as a department head in the areas of CAD, DMS, and test automation.

Cadida Software

In 2012, Eilber and three co-workers joined forces to establish a freelance software office. His colleagues specialize in user interface and database programming (GUI, DB), web development, and animation. In his free time, Eilber is active as the chairperson of a non-profit arts organization.

In March 2013, these earlier developments gave birth to Cadida Software GmbH. Although its tasks and its team have increased in size, the company's focus remains on graphics, CAD, image processing and simulations.

In early 2014, the company added four new employees, thus further increasing the level of know-how and experience of its interdisciplinary team. Our staff have a background not only in information technology, but also in physics, mechanical engineering, and biology, and as software developers they have worked in a variety of specialized areas.

In addition to offering numerous software services, the company has also developed several software products for its clients' use.

Thanks to high demand and repeat business from regular clients, by 2015 Cadida Software employed six people and could look forward to more exciting projects in its third year of existence.

With a positive outlook for 2016, the company decided to hire two more software developers.

For a better overview of our work, please read more about our projects.

Our company's philosophy

Cadida Software places great emphasis on the concepts of diligence, reliability, and dependability. For our employees, this means the possibility of different working models and a shared effort at creating a pleasant working environment – so that our employees will remain satisfied and stay with us over the long term, even as they grow and change. When it comes to our projects and customer relations, we place great value on providing diligent work and well-prepared documentation in order to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to work with our clients honestly, effectively, and – where possible – in the long term on more than just one project.