On 8-10 November 2016, VISION 2016, the world's leading trade fair in image processing, takes place in Stuttgart – an event we definitely do not want to miss.

After all, Cadida Software offers a wide range of products and services related to the broad field of image processing. It is thus vitally important for us to remain informed about the latest innovations and new applications, and also to present our own contributions on the subject.

Our Mesh-Editor is used to edit point clouds and 3D mesh data and display them on the computer monitor. Thanks to its modern and ergonomic user interface, even novice users can quickly learn how to use Mesh-Editor to achieve their objectives.

Cadida's CAD-Editor comes with more than a hundred different functions for editing CAD designs or craeting new drawings yourself. Besides the usual drawing and editing commands, you can also attach user data to CAD objects or integrate switches into a drawing, for instance in order to facilitate navigation to another drawing.

In the area of services, we develop algorithms for (among others) image processing, image enhancement, sensor technology, cameras, and measuring technology, create interfaces to LabVIEW, Matlab, or Simulink, and expand existing or create new libraries with OpenCV.