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Open Design Alliance

The Open Design Alliance, or ODA, is a company funded by its members. The ODA has developed the product Teigha, which in simple terms supports working with CAD files.

The DWG format

When it was founded in 1998, the ODA was still called the OpenDWG Alliance - referring to Autodesk's DWG format. Later, the DGN, STL and Collada formats were added. Thus, the initial OpenDWG became the Open Design Alliance.

At first, Autodesk was not at all happy about this development. The DWG format in particular was their know-how and extremely worthy of protection for them. In the USA, software technologies can be patented, but this does not apply to file formats.

This meant that the company, which was founded in Phoenix, USA, was on the safe side, and as time went on, it got more and more business. After all, it's a huge hurdle for a single company to decipher the binary DWG format and keep up with DWG versions that are upgraded every few years (currently every three years) by hundreds of developers.

Best done together

Many efforts by other companies have previously failed due to great effort, poor quality and low performance. After decades we can say that the product Teigha (former DWGdirect) has become a reliable product, which could improve its performance more and more.

Thus, many well-known companies use Teigha and have replaced their own or other solutions with it, such as Bentley, Nemetschek and Bricsys. It is thanks to Bentley itself that this has also happened for DGN. Not without reason, because what Autodesk initially saw as a disadvantage turned out to be a great advantage. Many companies now additionally spread the DWG format with Teigha and it is impossible to imagine the CAD world without it.

Our know-how

We are a member of ODA and have been using Teigha for some of our products and services since 2005. We thus support other companies with our know-how in the B2B field. We have good experiences with Teigha.NET, Teigha.NET Classic as well as Teigha C++.