• These values make us successful.

    These values make us successful.

    We live and breathe Responsibility, Continuity and Trust.

Company philosophy & our vision

Company philosophy

At Cadida Software GmbH, the keywords diligence, consistency and longevity are emphasized at all levels. Towards our employees this means enabling different working models and all-round efforts to create a pleasant working atmosphere - so that our employees stay with us for a long time, satisfied and even in case of a change of life circumstances.

In the case of our projects and in the relationship with our clients, we always attach great importance to careful work and documentation, and thus a high level of client satisfaction. Our goal is an honest, good and - if possible - beyond individual projects cooperation.

Why we have chosen fern as our logo, you can read here.

Our vision


What kind of world do we want to see?

When we think about the future, we envision a vibrant and fair world. Globally and in our neighborhood. We want to make people's working lives easier. With our knowledge and experience, with our drive. And with technology. More precisely, with customized software. That is our mission.

"We take this seriously - we want to serve other people and ourselves in an appreciative way. and ourselves in an appreciative way.

Specifically, we want work to feel like life, not work. That it is simple and easy. That operating your individual software is fun and helps people and companies to develop, just as it helps us to develop. As a company, as an individual team member. All together and each in their own unique way in a harmonious interaction.

We want to see our region and the world thriving and rich. And by rich we mean abundant in the sense of what is really needed, what is nourishing and brings joy to people and companies, what connects us with each other and makes us feel, is simply there.

That's why we run each of our decisions through 4-fold filters before making them: Is our plan

  • Sustainable and meaningful?
  • Does it contribute to development and healthy growth?
  • Does it serve the community and strengthen appreciation?
  • Does it bring lightness and liveliness?

If we can answer yes to all the questions, we accept the challenge and get started.