Development of 2D/3D graphics software

We develop graphics-based software solutions.

We are active in the following areas:

  • Software applications, including our own products
  • Embedded or standalone components for your existing software
  • Graphics-based software add-ons such as graphic design software, CAD, simulations, and image processing

We are often asked to provide the following software solutions or programming services:

  • Special user interfaces or GUI controls
    We work with .NET, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), DirectX, OpenGL, Silverlight, Flash, HTML5, among other tools.
  • Embedding of graphic controls in programs
    Both 2D and 3D (increases the software's visual attractiveness)
  • Diagram and graphs
    It is easier to gain an overview over a flood of numbers and statistics if they are presented in the form of diagrams such as bar graphs or pie charts. But there exist countless other possibilities for visualizing such data. For instance, modern 3D networks have been especially popular recently.
  • Virtual reality
    With the Rift virtual reality headset from Oculus (which is now owned by Facebook), VR can now be used both at home and at work. We offer the possibility of working with this and other products.
  • Automatically-generated organograms, brainstorm diagrams, pivot diagrams, and UML diagrams
    These are just a few examples of how structures and schemas can be displayed.
  • eLearning
    A good visualization lets you display expert knowledge in a comprehensible manner. Short texts, images, and animations can be used to present complicated relationships. Especially with eLearning via intranet or internet, this approach can be very effective at sharing new information with your co-workers.
  • Mobile products
    Graphic solutions for tablets and mobile phones. Special applications, add-ons, and controls for graphic visualization.

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