Software consulting – the decisive start

Experience – The key to success

We are happy to advise you on our core area "software development for visualization" (user interface/GUI, graphics, CAD, simulations, and image processing), but also on other topics in the area software development. For example, the planning of software projects with appropriate techniques, the control and management of software developments and documentation during and after development, and the product management of software products.

Our employees have many years of experience in the software industry and have implemented many projects in Germany and abroad.

Consulting services

We advise you on the development of customized software solutions, on enhancements of individual and standard products or on their optimization. We start by creating a stylish first visualization. For this, we do not need complex programming and thus do not lose time to illustrate your wishes.

We address business models, work processes and our customers’ research questions and help them to solve their problems with the possibilities offered by software and digitalization.

In times of crisis, such as 2001, 2009 or during the COVID-19 pandemic, good advice is always necessary.

Your new software

Before starting a software project, a detailed investigation of the facts is necessary. We carefully disclose the risks and illuminate your wishes from all sides. We recognize when ideas are oversized and plan realistic goals together with you to protect you and us from time-consuming surprises. Find out more under software planning and software development.

Your existing software

Informaticians and engineers tend to think of their own developments as "ingenious, user-friendly and comprehensively optimized". Unfortunately, users often see things differently. An external expert, who observes laymen franticly trying to operate the system and seeks a conversation with them, will quickly identify the weak points.

We offer this examination and get to the bottom of user-friendliness. We also look at compliance with software standards and operating speeds. In this way, we ensure that your users can work quickly, effectively and with satisfaction.


Just as one "eats with the eye", one likes to operate a well-designed software product. We remove distracting squiggles and superfluous movements, making the program crisp and clean, bringing clarity with logical arrangements and structures. And with cleverly chosen colors, fonts and graphics we increase the aesthetic appeal. Afterwards, we comprehensively test the result (usability test). For our thorough documentation and testing, please refer to the  software planning chapter. The result - your employees will quickly find their way around the program and can concentrate on the essentials.

If you have any questions about the usability of your software, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.