Experience – The key to success

Our staff has many years of experience in the software industry, and has successfully realized numerous projects at home and abroad. We provide consulting services in our core area of "development of visualization software" (graphics, CAD, simulations, and image processing), as well as other software development projects: planning of software projects using relevant techniques, supervision and management of software development, documentation during and after development, and product management.

Consulting services

We provide consulting services for the development of customized software solutions and the expansion or optimization of custom as well as standard products. These services include the creation of an initial visualization, made without the need for costly programming so that we can give your wishes a visual form as quickly as possible.

Your new software

Any work on a new software project first requires a detailed exploration of the current situation, including a painstaking analysis of all risks and an examination of your vision from all angles. We can recognize when expectations are too large, and will work with you to plan more realistic goals in order to avoid any time-consuming surprises. For more information, please see our sections on software planning and software development.

Your existing software

"Computer scientists and engineers tend to view their own developments as ingenious, user-friendly, and comprehensively optimized." Unfortunately, users often see things differently. An external expert who takes the time to observe and interview end users struggling to use an application will quickly identify its weaknesses.

We engage in such an analysis in order to achieve the greatest possible level of user friendliness. During this process, we also take into account software standards and the product's effectiveness and speed of use. Your users will be able to work quickly and effectively, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.


We aim to optimize your user interface and user experience by sticking only to what truly matters and reducing the need for user input where it is not necessary.

Just as some things are a "feast for the eyes," so too it is a pleasure to work with a well-designed software product. We are easily distracted by unnecessary bells and whistles that make a program difficult and confusing to use. A good layout and design add clarity, and carefully chosen colors, fonts and graphics increase the aesthetic experience – we test and optimize your software's level of user friendliness, followed by a comprehensive usability test of the results of our work. For more information on our meticulously produced documentation and testing (test automation, specification), see software planning.