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Extending simulation systems

We can extend simulation software and mathematical and graphical programming environments such as Matlab, Simulink, or LabVIEW in accordance with your wishes:

  • Block diagrams and algorithms for your calculations
  • Interfaces / device drivers to connect your application with your devices
  • Interfaces to existing APIs such as OpenCV, PCL etc.
  • Complete distribution packages for your end clients
  • Examples and documentation
  • Support for certification of add-ons

Existing or newly developed simulation models can be quickly simulated using optimized formulas.

Areas of use

  • Signal processing
    Data acquisition, data analysis, and data evaluation

  • Device development
    We can develop device interfaces for LabVIEW, Matlab, Simulink, Octave, and other simulation systems.
  • Environment
    In the environmental field, simulators can help in the design of better wind turbines or solar cells.
    Simulations are also used in order to optimize production facilities; in the field of building energy management, simulations are used for energy and cost calculations.

  • Healthcare
    In the field of healthcare and medical technologies, simulations are applied in physical therapy, are used to improve and train operating methods, and can model human movement for the design of prosthetic limbs.

  • Research
    Advance your research with specially adapted simulators. We work with multiple applications, including Simulink in combination with Matlab and LabVIEW.


  • 3D laser simulation
    Laser positioning for calibration, point clouds, scattering

  • LabVIEW device connection
    Control and operation of thermal cameras

  • Drying of fluids
    Mechanical engineering, induction, coating

  • Simulation of human motion – Institute for Computer Graphics Research
    On Silicon Graphics hardware

You may find further examples among our past projects. Or see our references for a list of clients who work with our software solutions.

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