Extend CAM systems

The ability to tailor CAM systems and processes to one's own needs is one of many reasons why we extend CAM systems for our customers. This concerns such systems as FeatureCAM, SolidCAM, and Siemens NX CAM.

With the help of self-programmed addons for CAM systems, we can program the user interface with new commands, as well as new or extended functions for you. Whether this is for data exchange, production optimization and control, or graphical algorithms and automations, we can find the solution for you.

These are the most frequently mentioned wishes and requirements of our customers

  • Customized extension of user interfaces
  • Automation of repetitive operations
  • Optimization of individual processes
  • Algorithms for complex calculations
  • Connection of CAM and existing database programs
  • Coordinated, individual adaptations of CAM systems
  • Proprietary, lean CAM programs
  • Comprehensive industry solutions
  • Online CAM applications
  • Adaptations of postprocessors
  • Interfaces to other applications

Practical examples

  • Connection to your programs or databases
  • Modernization and porting to Siemens NX, SolidCAM, FeatureCAM and Powermill
  • Management of manufacturing processes
  • Transparent viewing of data and intermediate results
  • Checking and corrections from NC for milling machines and lathes
  • Version management from project to CNC code
  • Automated tests and project
  • Variant planning in mechanical engineering, jewelry industry and medical technology
  • Filtering of measurement data, testing by means of 3D scan and point clouds
  • Bionic design calculation for lightweight construction
  • Connection of process chains in CAM

More information about CAM extensions and addons.

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