• Recognition and comprehension.

    Recognition and comprehension.

    Image processing as an opportunity for industry.

Image processing

We develop software solutions in the field of image processing and image enhancement.

We offer a wide range of software services, including:

  • Signal processing / algorithms
    Image enhancement, image processing, measurement, etc.
  • 3D reconstruction of scenes
    Using stereo camera image pairs, edge detection, and feature extraction
  • Object recognition / classification
    Using 2D raster data and 3D point clouds
  • Connecting cameras / thermal cameras to standard software
    Interfaces to LabVIEW, Matlab, Simulink etc.
  • Embedded applications for the industry
    Complete software packages for delivery to end clients
  • And much more – just ask us

Fields in which image processing is used:

  • Quality control during manufacturing
  • Measurement of objects
  • Object recognition and classification
  • Digitization of CAD designs
  • Model generation for CAD and simulations
  • Surface quality inspection
  • Calculation of volume
  • Text recognition and document analysis

Image processing and image enhancement are also relevant to the following fields:

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