Cadida Software

Already in 1995, that is 29 years ago, we started working in the software industry. Software development for private entrepreneurs has been carried out by our founder since 1987, a good 37 years ago.

In March 2013, Cadida Software GmbH was founded in Freiburg, Germany. Already in the beginning the focus was on software development for visualization - specifically in programming for the topics of user interface/GUI, graphics, CAD,image processing and simulation.

Between 2013 and 2017, the company grew to ten employees. The interdisciplinary team of Cadida Software GmbH has multiplied the horizon of knowledge and experience. The employees not only come from the field of computer science, but also bring expertise from physics, biology, mathematics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and more. This has a great advantage in the implementation of software projects for various fields.

The good demand and repeated orders from existing customers led us to continuously invest and regularly hire new employees for exciting projects.

We mainly design and program for the fields of civil engineering, sensor technology, mechanical engineering, laboratory technology, and medical technology and would like to strengthen our commitment to medical and environmental technology in particular. In addition to a range of software services, five proprietary products have been developed for use by our customers and their end users.

Since 2019, we have been increasingly working with research institutes and taking on both software planning and software development, as well as the responsibility of agile development. We see this as part of the cause for the great success of our software projects and their implementation. The much more important part is our very well educated and regularly trained employees. Our production staff are highly experienced in research and over 25 percent of them are PhD scientists.

With our team of a total of 25 internal and external employees, we continue to be delighted to support challenging and promising projects.

You can get an idea of our work on our project page. Read about our logo here.