Cadida Logo

What does a fern have to do with a software company?

Our logo is due on the one hand to biomimetics and on the other hand to the Barnsley fern. In addition, the environment is very important to us, so we definitely wanted to create a connection with nature. On the one hand through the fern, on the other hand through the color green.

Logo Farn graupng


Biomimetics is a portmanteau of biology and technology and deals with the transfer of phenomena from nature to technology. It is the imitation or mimicking of nature to solve complex human problems. An example from modern everyday life is the Velcro fastener inspired by burdock.

An example of biomimetics

natuerlicher klett500x200 kunst klett orange500

Fractals are mathematical calculations whose geometric shapes produce images and whose structure is repeated again and again scaled down. If one enlarges them, however, one always encounters the same basic structure.

This enlargement can happen as often as you like. With the fractals, which already looked very plant-like, one tried to represent real plants in the simplest way. The Barnsley fern is the first plant fractal where it succeeded.

An example of natural and artificial fractals.

natuerliche fraktale500x200 kunst fraktale500x200

For Cadida's logo, instead of the original strokes used to form the fern with the fractals, we took the rectangles. They form the basic windows of programming. And at the same time, they represent diversity, for example, the many solutions and the many specialties in which software is now needed. The logo of Cadida, our fern is the link between nature, mathematics and simulation.