3D Design

Revit is the answer to the need of many CAD users to be able to design in 3D relatively easily. With AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture (formerly ADT) there were limits here, which could not be overcome even by new extensions.

How nice that Autodesk decided to take over the software "Revit" from the Revit Technology Corporation in 2002 and to sail against the competition as a new flagship in order to make up lost ground with it.

In 3D design, other products with a better concept were already positioned in Europe, such as Nemetschek's Allplan. Now it’s time for Nemetschek to invest in its interface and, above all, its 3D engine.

Practice in construction

The big plus of direct 3D design is that in practice, whether for small (up to EUR 50 million) or large construction projects (~EUR 250 million), construction management is simplified and improved. Agreements are shortened and, above all, contentious discussions are less frequent. This makes work more pleasant for all parties involved.

For very large construction projects above 250 million EUR, 3D modeling is indispensable, even if there are still exceptions.


Sales of Revit, which have been very slow over the last 10 years, have gained momentum and are now increasingly enriched with addons.

We are developing addons for this system. You are welcome to get more information about this and contact us directly.

Our Know-How

We are an ADN member and have been developing addons and new features for Revit for several years. We often port addons from AutoCAD Architecture to Revit.