• The window to the user.

    The window to the user.

    A clear and elegant user interface inspires your users.

User Interface / GUI

User interface, also called GUI (graphical user interface), is the central interface to the end user and is crucial for the success of the software.

We are active in these areas:

  • Software applications new or already existing
  • Components for your software: embedded or stand-alone
  • Software addons for a variety of applications from CAD to Office.

We are often asked about user interfaces / GUI:

  • Application modernization
  • Investigation of ergonomics
  • Creation of operating concepts
  • Optimizing or recreating the operating sequence
  • Simplification of the operation
  • Analysis of the operating procedures
  • Performance improvements
  • Platform-independent user interfaces
  • Porting of existing user interfaces to new ones
  • GUI controls, such as graphs, diagrams, 3D controls
  • User interface creation for other devices
    • Desktop: Windows, Linux, macOS
    • Tablet: Windows, Android, iPad
    • Mobile: Windows, Android, iPhone

Programming languages and libraries used

Depending on the device, operating system and systems, we use these technologies for implementation.

  • WPF / XAML (Windows Presentation Foundation)
    with C# or VB.NET
  • Xamarin
  • Java
  • Qt
  • Cocoa, Cocoa-Touch
  • WinForm
  • Borland Delphi
  • HTML
  • OpenGL
  • WebGL

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