Modern software development

We work with the latest object-oriented .NET software tools. With WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), the user interface is given a modern look for Windows 7, 8, and 10. For more information on the tools used, see technologies.


For every software product, we develop a painstaking and detailed specification sheet that is used throughout the entire development cycle: from analysis, design, and development to the definition of test cases during quality control.

Our software projects are coordinated using UML and the modern project management method known as Scrum. Our structured working method involves the use of MS Project, UML Designer, Visual Studio, and TFS, which help us to implement your projects according to schedule.


We do most of our development work using .NET in combination with C# and WPF. We develop platform-independent systems using Qt and QML. Upon request, for existing programs we can develop software in Java, VB.NET, and other programming languages as well. For embedded systems, we work primarily with C++. For a complete list of our "linguistic capabilities," see technologies and projects.


For the development and use of databases, we are skilled in SQL-Server, Access, Oracle, and MySQL. In this area, we naturally work with the SQL database language.

Practical examples

You can read all about our past work in the projects section, or contact us if you have any questions. For more detailed information, see 2D/3D graphics, CAD, simulations, and image processing in the "Technologies" section.