When is onshore outsourcing of software development worthwhile?

More and more customers are coming with the desire to outsource their software development. This is due to the current economic situation. The reasons for this vary. For example, the company needs to cut personnel costs or does not have enough staff to handle the project alone, or they want to focus more on their core business and customer service.

We advise medium-sized companies on all aspects of this topic, jointly examine the pros and cons and thus create a sound basis for the decision. In any case, the development of new software should be cost-effective, efficient and sustainable. By sustainability, we mean that the software is based on a well thought-out, stable and lean architecture and is future-oriented by being programmed with the most modern technologies and extensible. And it should definitely please the end customers or the user.

When is onshore outsourcing of software development worthwhile?

For example, in the case when a medium-sized company develops a new process or device. Imagine the following example: Development department has completed the hardware and is next expected to program the software and map the user interface, but has few software developers in-house and work is slow.

The leap from hardware to software sometimes requires more complex and larger solutions than initially anticipated. Therefore, at this point, it makes a lot of sense to check in advance whether the company has the required resources in-house or whether it will hand over the work to a competent software development team with hardware-based know-how. The comparison shows that permanent in-house software development is expensive and that in many cases it is more cost-saving, faster and more sustainable to outsource the development.

In this example, outsourcing brings the following benefits:

First: The company's own personnel devote themselves to their core tasks again.
Second: In-house programmers are involved in development and coordinated. This reduces costs and risks.
Third: With onshore outsourcing, the service provider is located in Germany and development remains close to operations.
Fourth: The existing software is taken over or redesigned with a focus on user-friendliness, stability, performance and maintainability.
Fifth: Quality assurance takes place at a high level.
Sixth: The pace of development can be well controlled with the variable size of the team.
Seventh: The scalability of the projects becomes possible.
Eighth: The company saves time and effort with personnel recruitment and can save further costs at the end of the project through inexpensive support.

6-fold strength

We are specialized in software development. However, this is not the only reason why our prospective customers choose us. Our customers additionally benefit from:

  1. our many years of experience with small and large software projects
  2. highly specialized teams (laboratory and medical technology, mechanical engineering and construction)
  3. an experienced and interdisciplinary staff
  4. the ability to control the pace of development
  5. the most modern and sustainable solutions

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