One common wish expressed by our clients is the desire to reduce time and effort when working with existing CAD systems. Many of them try to solve their problems by working with various CAD systems or plug-ins. But there are simpler and more cost-effective solutions.

We can expand and optimize your CAD systems in line with your wishes and needs. We also offer consulting services regarding affordable CAD programs, or can put together a customized in-house CAD program in order to save on licensing costs while simplifying and customizing the program's use.

Our clients' most frequently expressed needs and wishes

  • Enhanced user interface
  • Automation of recurring work processes
  • Optimization of processes
  • Algorithms for complex calculations and statistics
  • Connect CAD program with existing database programs
  • Adapt CAD system to client's needs
  • Customized, lean CAD programs
  • Comprehensive industry solutions
  • Online CAD applications with own corporate identity
  • Interfaces with other applications

Practical examples

  • Connection to SAP, TGA, GIS, FM, and your programs or databases
  • Variant planning in mechanical engineering or medical technologies
  • Filtering of measurement data, processing of point clouds
  • Version management and bill of quantities
  • Modernization and porting of existing CAD applications
  • Energy calculation for building construction
  • Design calculation for bionic lightweight construction
  • Interconnection of BIM process chains

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