Our experience

Our experience

We are pleased to say that our team expands its knowledge with each employee. Our regular internal training by employees for employees results in the desired knowledge transfer.

Our employees regularly participate in external training, webinars and advanced training. In doing so, they contribute their ideas and wishes and thus control their own further development and their field of application. We are very proud of this.

We also gather knowledge and information through numerous visits to conferences, conventions and trade fairs. This enriches our services and products.

Our competences


The team we are proud of.

We live diversity and the natural development of talents both internally and externally. We are aware that everyone has many interests and skills. We are curious about the individual abilities of our employees and encourage them. Because nothing learned in life is in vain. On the contrary, our employees contribute in different areas. It strengthens the team spirit. It makes them happy and us happy, too.

Our customers also benefit from this diversity. They appreciate our expertise in IT as well as in physics, bioinformatics, mathematics, molecular biology, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Everyone contributes their part and enriches the respective project with their knowledge and experience. This allows us to cover a wide range of industries. Laboratory technology, medical technology, research and development, sensor technology, device and component construction, mechanical engineering, architecture, surveying, structural & civil engineering, facility management, traffic, environment and energy, art and culture and others.

Our competent team is at your disposal not only for software tasks, but also, for example, for tricky research questions. Because being a software developer means much more than just programming.