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Operating systems:
Windows 7, 8, 10

File formats:
DWG, DXF for AutoCAD 2000–2017


CAD-Editor and CAD-Viewer

Our basic products are our CAD-Editor and our CAD-Viewer, which can load and save DWG and DXF files and also import or export other file formats. Users can choose from several hundred functions: Besides the usual draw and edit commands, you can also attach user data to CAD objects or integrate function switches into a drawings, for instance in order to facilitate navigation to another drawing.

Other popular options include print preview or the ability to convert drawings to PDF. CAD-Editor supports layers, layer filters, blocks, and Xrefs. For a brief selection of possible functions, see the table below.

Please feel free to contact us to find out whether our CAD-Editor supports your favorite function. We develop our own products, and have so far been able to develop every function our clients were looking for.

Flexible and customizable

The user interface can be customized and modified to fit your specific needs. For instance, in an industrial environment the choice of functions can be adjusted in order to avoid overloading the user with too many functions. Different user profiles can be set up ranging from simple to expert, and these can be changed or altered at any time as needed.

Integratable and scalable

CAD-Editor and CAD-Viewer can be integrated into your software so that they can be used, for instance, for graphic preview or graphic navigation. In other words, the programs can be implemented not just as standalone applications, but can also be integrated as components into your existing program.


Below is a list of the most commonly requested functions for our CAD-Editor and CAD-Viewer.
Since there are several hundred possible functions, this list is hardly complete.

Function CAD-Editor   CAD-Viewer
Load DWG/DXF  
Save DWG/DXF    
Save as PDF  
Save as image file  
Save as SVG  
Print/print preview  
Edit objects    
Insert images    
Create/explode blocks    
Edit attributes    
Manage layers  
Symbol catalog  
Show properties  
Edit properties    
Create views    
and much more  


Thanks to their affordable licenses and versatile applicability, these are our most popular CAD programs. Please contact us so that we may put together a proposal specifically tailored to meet your needs.