Photo   System requirement
CAD-FM-Viewer 281x200


Operating systems:
Windows 7, 8, 10

File formats:
DWG, DXF for AutoCAD 2000–2017

CAFM systems are characterized by bi-directional data exchange, the display of objects in CAD and FM, and evaluation possibilities such as hatching. FM-CAD-Viewer can be used with the FM system of your choice. At its core, it's a CAD-FM connector that can also be integrated into AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Revit and many other CAD systems.

Data synchronization with import and export

Much of the work involves connecting your CAD drawings to the FM system. To this end, we have developed an import/export assistant for FM-CAD-Viewer that facilitates this step even for novice users.

During transfer, you can zoom in on every object in the drawing in order to export each one individually into the FM system. This transparency gives the user oversight of the process, and with the trust thus established allows for the rapid export of the remaining objects.

If the FM manager or his/her team change any of the drawings or data in the FM program, these changes can be displayed and synchronized.

Under "preferences," you can display additional information about the FM program, for instance when the last data synchronization was performed or whether a block has already been exported and whether its synchronization is up to date. You can view preferences for drawings, blocks, ADT property sets, surfaces, and attributes.

Graphic navigation

A bi-directional display facilitates the graphic navigation between your FM program and the FM viewer.

Evaluation of drawings

Hatching, also called coloring, can be used to make FM evaluations visible in CAD drawings. Preselection in the FM program is used to send the results to the FM-CAD-Viewer, where it is highlighted. This can be done with any number of objects and is also possible for multiple drawings. Multiple selection results can be combined with one another, and related objects can be highlighted using color as well.

In practice – Initial entry

During initial entry, the user often decides to use the latest or dominant data from the FM system or the CAD designs. During this process, it may happen that the program has to receive some attributes from CAD and others from CAFM. With the import/export assistant, you can set export schemes for both possibilities and then choose one depending on the particular design.

Scant information

Objects in designs that consist of just one block without attributes (such as lamps) offer very little information. The drawings must often be reworked at great expense. With FM-CAD-Viewer, you can automatically assign IDs and scale to these objects without having to add new attributes. IDs can be changed at any time in both CAD and FM.

Structural information

FM-CAD-Viewer can be used to define a wide range of hierarchical surface structures in order to determine which surfaces a particular surface contains. For instance, a building's floor contains several rooms, and the rooms contain work stations. These surfaces can be implemented in surface, property, key, and rental management, for fire protection, and more.

Cleaning management

We will use cleaning management as an example for looking at the structure of surfaces. The surface area of building objects (floors, rooms) can be determined using automatic size calculation in the same manner as is done for objects (e.g., equipment). FM-CAD-Viewer can transmit the area taken up by the equipment to the CAFM and thus better calculate the surface area to be cleaned. During data synchronization, the program recognizes whenever any equipment has been moved, added, or removed, and recalculates the cleaning area.

Working with the program

Building managers or architects who have experience working with CAFM will find it easy to learn the intuitive user interface.


The program's high data availability, combined with its visual representation, allows our clients to optimize their company processes. For data entry and administration, FM-CAD-Viewer offers a wide range of functions to choose from in order to quickly realize your objectives.

FM-CAD-Viewer is ideal for visualizing the many demands of CAFM.

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